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120 mins | Feature Film | drama

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Behind the scenes

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That could have been the absolute hammer year. Sandra Beck  just got back from her summer vacation  back, has new friends on vacation  and met a very nice boy.  But then her little brother Tim started the new school year, which some  surprises for both of them. Tim is in his first year at high school, but he is already struggling with problems such as high school diploma and stress with older classmates. Sandra is about to graduate from high school and has no time to think about her future  to do, and is exposed to the daily stress of rival cliques.

While the two together  with their friends trying to get a grip on all these problems  get, the dissatisfaction in Germany increases. Thousands of citizens take to the streets  and protest. Social resentment increases.

People are protesting against politicians' plans for the future, jobs are being lost, there are arguments about them  Right citizens, and in the Federal Republic more and more people are losing confidence in politics.


Meanwhile, Sandra and her friends are having serious problems with a classmate who is threatening Sandra's little brother. And as if that weren't enough, after a party there is also a catastrophe that takes Sandra completely out of her everyday life.


Fully  unforeseen starts your  Social studies teacher Ms  Ahorn, with a project on "Young people in politics". What initially hits the students as a dull theory quickly develops a momentum of its own, which is the future of Sandra and all her  classmates, should change significantly.  

You realize that you have to change something.  But there you have the bill without the existing ones  Made politicians, especially the  mayor of their city. Finally it comes to the hardest  decision of their previous life,  because soon yours will  sure, it's not them  Future of each individual.. it is "OUR FUTURE".  



50 actors from 16 federal states

Joel Sansi

"Sven Kozlovski"

Michael Melzel

Chantal Vieth

"Sandra Beck"

Chantal Vieth

Maljo Gashi-Popovic

"Volker Beck"

Maljo Gashi Popovic

Joel Sansi


Joel Sansi

"Mrs. Maple"

Verena Behringer

"Prove to the world what young people are for  are able to!"

- Marc Neumeister

More roles

"Renate Beck"

Heidrun Korb

"Mayor Dr. Ziegler"

Gunther Schairer

" secretary  Mayor"

Alexandra Pfister

Roland  Hartl

"Mrs. Schimanski"

Alice welfare

"Andrea Keller"

Silvia Jessen

"Lothar Keller"

Frank Christoph Schnitzler


Emilio Koch


Jonah Winkler

"Tim Beck"

Dennis Enter


Esperance Sansi


Laura Tanita Fritsch


Catherine Henne


Maria Korb


Ninja Mueller


Evelyn Toma

"Commissar 1"

Louit lip litter

"Commissar 2"

Franziska Fleige


Alexa Ludwig

Josephine Roy


Lisa Julia Strothmann


Christina Nagler

"classmate 1"

Maria Korb

"classmate 2"

"Inspector Schuster"


Ninja Mueller

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