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Official start of
"I'm awake!"

Open See Festival  Konstanz!
In June of this year the Open See Festival took place in Constance.  We were on location for the local band OXMO ( official website ) for photo and video recordings!

-> More about events and happenings

Open See Festival  Konstanz!
In June of this year the Open See Festival took place in Constance.  We were on location for the local band OXMO ( official website ) for photo and video recordings!

-> More about events and happenings

New YouTube channel online!
Over the last few years we have collected a lot of Behind the Scenes  material   of our projects. We have now prepared all this and are making it available on YouTube
We also give direct and personal insights into our team, introduce our cooperation partners and show how our productions are made.

-> To the new YouTube channel

Dreharbeiten Sizilien
Shooting in Sicily 2021
In October of last year, after extensive pre-production, the shooting for a new commercial for one of our customers was successfully carried out. The filming location for this was the Mediterranean bays around Palermo in Sicily.

For this project the cast and crew consisted of 13 people, with whom we realized the project in 5 days of shooting.
In addition to cinematic ground recordings, we also made drone operations and film recordings with a car rig system specially designed for this purpose.
Training weekend
Our so-called "core team weekend" took place on September 12th and 13th. There were numerous training courses, advanced training courses, workshops and practical exercises for our team.

This serves us to optimize work processes and to further qualify our employees.
Topics included work safety, hygiene protection, team building, press work and equipment training.
Summer 2020 - "I'm awake!" continues!
In the course of the continuation of our filming of the series "I'm awake!" we shot in the Herosé-Park and in the Hotel Halm in Konstanz.
The filming of “I’m awake” has started!
The year 2020 started with the successful first shooting of the “I'm awake!” mystery series.
More information about the series
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I'm awake! –
Apply now!

Apply now for our new in-house production in 2020.

More info

Live-Casting in Constance

For the new series format
"I'm awake!" (AT, 2021) we successfully implemented a live casting in Constance for the main role.
25 of 200 applicants from all over Germany were invited and try to convince our jury of themselves.

New location

We have expanded our catchment area and offering now our complete range of services in the filed of film and media production in and around the Lake Constance area. In addition to the locations of Bad Urach and Stuttgart, interested customers can also reach us on-site in constance and the surrounding area.

More info

High tech on air

An important characteristic factor that distinguishes our company from others is the use of the most modern and easily adjustable equipment, which gives us the opportunity to exceed customer expectations even in the most extreme places. That way we can, for example, take aerial photographs for our customers in areas where our competitors has already reached the limits.

Around the world

As a new year begins, we are happy to announce that the Berlin-based company betterbackpacking is now one of our clients for international film-productions abroad.

Mädchen mit Kamera

New internships -
Now it's your turn!

How is a film made? What is a gawker's job on set? And how does an idea turn into a finished project? Apply now for a place in our project-based internship and become part of our team! More info...


ÖVB Arena Bremen

For our customer "Mütze cat DJ Team we shot an aftermovie in the ÖVB Arena in Bremen ".
They are currently one of the most booked 90s live acts in Germany.
Unsere Zukunft – de Film BTS
Neumeiser Media Crew mit Produzent Marc Neumeister
Neumeister Media Crew mit Produzen Marc Neumeister
Unsere Zukunft – de Film BTS
Rettungsgasse bei Markus Lanz
Unsere Zukunft – de Film BTS
Milaneotalents 2018
Excerpts from our film set on the subject of the rescue alley ( film ) were made by Markus Lanz  illustration  used on the topic.
Our future - the film on the home stretch!
For many years, things have been quieter about our largest project in the history of Neumeister Media. In 2020 the time has finally come, "Our Future" - the film is coming to the big screen.
Award ceremony for the new talents 2018!
November 14, 2017
On November 9th, 2017, the two award winners, Maria and Eddie,  chosen and  received their prizes.
Club tour 2017/18
November 1, 2017
From now on  we're on club tour again. In addition to after and event movies, we are also offering club photography from this year.
Sven Uhlig; Michael Freisleben und Marc Neumeister
Milaneotalent 2017
October 28, 2017
Our big casting "Das Milaneotalent 2017" ended on October 14, 2017 with over 140 applicants. 8 lucky winners make up the new talents from Neumeister Media.
Filming with the Göppingen fire brigade
06 Sep  2017
On June 13, 2017, the men and women of the Göppingen fire brigade called out more than 30 times. But fortunately only for the shooting of the 2nd part of the short film "Rettungsgasse - every second counts!"
Moving towards the future: HDR
From 2019 onwards, we will be offering customer productions filmed in the innovative HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. This offers the viewer an incomparable experience.
Milaneo feel-good day 2018
Our partner MILANEO STUTTGART organized an all-round feel-good day for 2 winners in the center as part of Mother's Day. We accompanied the winners. 
Filming in Kitzbuehel
For a customer production in Kitzbühel, Austria, our team produced for 3 days under extreme conditions. Implemented  became  a 2 minute one  Advertising clip for a customer vehicle.
Commercial shoot in the  Switzerland
For our customers  Max Holder GmbH we designed and produced a commercial for one of its leading vehicles in March. The spot was shot with our core team in the Swiss Alps.
Showroom opening at Kanz  automobiles
February 25, 2018
On March 8th, the luxury car dealers Sven und  Michael  can  opened their new one  showroom Neumeister Media covered the event both cinematically and  even  accompanied by photographs.
"Rescue alley at Markus Lanz"
February 17, 2018

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