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I'M AWAKE  (WT, 2020)

series  ·  2020 ·  Mystery/Thriller



live casting

Convince us personally

For all candidates who were able to convince in the first application round, we invite you exclusively to the live casting in Constance!



casting process

09.11.2019 12:00 p.m. Raising of the rich 19  · 78467 Constance

After you have registered at our reception and verified your personal casting number, you can impress us with your acting skills.

In optional single or double combinations you get the chance to shine with both rehearsed and spontaneous scenes.

We will take professional pictures of you for our database and project evaluation. You also have time to get to know part of the team and to get rid of all your questions personally.



casting location

Apply with a view

We are supported in this year's live casting by the radio station "Das Neue Radio Seefunk", the broadcaster  for the areas of Lake Constance, High Rhine and Upper Swabia in Baden-Württemberg. The seat of the transmitter is directly in  Konstanz on the beautiful Seerhein, from where you have a fantastic view of our future location  have.



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