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We offer aerial filming and photography in breathtaking quality. For this we use the world market leader in the field of camera drones. This enables us to make cinematic film recordings even under extreme conditions such as cold, heat or even snowfall.
For every production booked, you will receive a minimum resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, which corresponds to the Ultra-HD resolution 4K.

Depending on customer requirements, we are also able to take pictures with up to 6016x4008 pixels - a resolution of 6K. Thanks to pilots with years of experience and the latest safety technology, we are also able to fly in indoor areas.

These enormous qualities and areas of application leave nothing to be desired. This will set you apart from every competitor with your corporate film.

Luftaufnahme des Distributionszentrums

In recent years we have specialized in particular in deployments abroad. That is why our camera drones and their batteries are designed in such a way that we can transport them with 80% of all airlines. So our team comes to the most remote places in the world. In addition, all of the camera drones we use are insured worldwide!



If we were able to arouse your interest, we would be happy to put together a non-binding offer for you. We are happy to discuss each project individually with our customers in advance.

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